Designing e-Learning Courses for Adults

One of the largest challenges of designing eLearning modules is ensuring the course is accessible for its users. In many cases, a significant chunk of the users are adults as opposed to young learners, and there are some factors to consider when designing for this demographic.

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How UX Leads to Higher Retention

How important is UX when it comes to training courses? It turns out the significance of good UX cannot be understated when considering the fact that the average company loses 1 in 6 hires within the first six months of employment.

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How UX Can Be Used to Increase Training Effectiveness

It may come to no surprise to many designers and educators that a poor user interface will lead to a negative learning experience when it comes to online training courses. It’s up to us to do our part to ensure the experience is user-friendly and achieves its goals as smoothly as possible. So how can we make the interface in such a way that maximizes its effectiveness?

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