Articulate Replay Free for Storyline Users

As you’ve probably noticed, we’re big advocates of Articulate’s line of rapid e-learning authoring tools. Needless to say, we were pretty pumped when we got wind that they were giving away their newest program, Articulate Replay, to Storyline users for FREE. We’ve gotten to play around with the new program a bit and we’ve discovered that it’s a great and simple way to create training videos. Read more

Is the New Articulate Studio ’13 Worth It?

A few days ago e-learning heavy hitter Articulate released their newest installment in their line of rapid authoring tools, Articulate Studio ’13. Naturally, this is exciting news for those of us who have been using Studio ’09, and for e-learning geeks in general, but is the excitement worth it? Read more

E-Learning and You

Which E-Learning Authoring Software is the Best?

This is a common question that’s been hotly debated since the spike in popularity of e-learning. There are a ridiculous amount of options to choose from when looking to start creating course content for your users, from free open-source software, to heavy hitters from some of the biggest names in the creative industry. Below is an overview of some of the most popular options that should give you a good idea of what authoring tool(s) will work best for you. Read more