Presentations – How to Break the Monotony

I’m sure we’ve all sat through our fair share of presentations (for some of us, maybe an unfair share), which are infamous for being a set of show-and-tell PowerPoint slides presented by someone reading the bullet points aloud. While these kinds of presentations can be executed in an interesting and engaging way, more often than not they miss out on the true potential of the content by being too monotonous to get their point across. If the content is a bit bland, the speaker isn’t particularly passionate, Read more

Outside the Box

We’re More Than Just Training Course Creators

While a lot of what we do here in Quality and Education Services involves creating more conventional training courses, that’s not all we do. We love thinking outside the box to accomplish learning goals by utilizing innovative ideas and various mediums. Some examples of this include creating simulations, job aids, designing print materials, or even creating engaging videos. Sometimes these less conventional means of training are more effective based on the goals of the client, and we’re able to tell what solution will work best in each situation. Read more

Eliminate E-Learning Monotony

Innovative Ideas to Eliminate E-Learning Monotony

We’ve all been guilty of creating a course at some point that’s basically a glorified Power Point presentation. You present the information over a series of slides, then you give the users a quiz in hopes that they can regurgitate all the information they’ve skimmed over. While this is a quick and easy way to create courses, you might be shooting yourself in the foot in the long run by having to re-train people due to lack of comprehension, or by having under-qualified trainees that didn’t retain the information. Read more