What is the AAA Institute?

AAA Institute is an online learning platform also known as a learning management system (LMS), available to AAA and CAA clubs, and affiliates. The application is hosted entirely online, so there is no need for costly server hardware and maintenance. Clubs can access the application to post, deliver, and track online learning, certifications, and manage instructor-led training and resources. AAA Institute is an efficient, cost-effective method to leverage training programs across the entire club territory.

What programs are available on the AAA Institute?

AAA Quality and Education Services have made several courses available for immediate use and are continually adding new content to the platform. This content can be used as stand-alone elements or integrated into your club’s training curriculum.

Specific online courses include:

  • Roadside Problem Solving for Call Counselors
  • Member Care (customer service)
  • Lockout Training (vehicle entry)
  • Towing and Servicing High-end Vehicles, Motorcycles, and Hybrid Vehicles
  • Tire Changing

What does it cost?

Monthly fees for the AAA Institute LMS are determined on a case by case basis and are tailored to give you the best pricing for your specific needs. Several factors determine pricing such as number of users, usage, and need for support. For a proposal with pricing tailored for you, please contact Patty Kleinfeldt at pkleinfeldt@national.aaa.com.

There is a one-time training and implementation fee of $3,500 (plus travel costs.)

The fee includes:

  • A 2-day training workshop for the club’s primary and backup administrator
  • Branding of the club’s learning site
  • Initial configuration of the application

Can I customize the look?

Yes. During the implementation phase we’ll create a custom look and feel for your application with your club’s logo and branding.

Does my club need to sign a contract to use the AAA Institute?

Yes. The user license for your club is purchased in advance. The contract is in place to ensure that the licensing costs are covered with the preferred supplier. Contract terms are typically 12 months but may be extended as necessary.

Can my club start with a smaller user tier and build up as necessary?

Yes. We encourage clubs to start small and add more users as necessary.

Can other clubs see my course library and users?

No. The club’s administrator manages the course library and users in a secure environment; however, you do have the ability to share your courses/content with other clubs at your discretion.

What resources do I need to manage the AAA Institute?

To manage the AAA Institute, it’s recommended that the club designate a primary and backup administrator. The administrator’s role is to perform the daily operations for the club such as setting up online and classroom courses, setting up users and user groups, creating reports, creating exams, etc. It’s also the administrator’s role to provide support to the club staff if necessary. If the administrator cannot resolve a problem, they can ask the technical support help desk for assistance.

The AAA Institute has the ability to create exams and import videos, PDFs, documents, etc. as learning objects. To create a robust online learning course, it is recommended that the club purchase a course-authoring tool such as the Articulate Suite. These tools allow an author to quickly create a course from scratch or from an existing PowerPoint presentation.

Are training development resources available?

Yes. Whether you have the content created already or need help coming up with course content, AAA Quality and Education Services can develop online courses and training videos that are compatible with the AAA Institute and other delivery methods.

What’s the bottom line, why should my club consider the AAA Institute?

  • Significant time and cost-savings over traditional instructor-led training
  • Training is accessible 24/7; anywhere an Internet connection is available
  • Training can be delivered to internal employees and automotive contractors
  • Training can be distributed without geographic limitations
  • Training can be measured via pre and post assessments created with the exam builder
  • Robust reporting features
  • Certifications, competency, and training plan development functionality
  • Role based permissions that provide managers, fleet, PSPs, contractors, etc. different access to functionality and content

Ready to learn more about AAA Institute? We’re happy to answer any questions, grant you temporary access, or set up a webinar with you.