Tips for Recording the Perfect Voice Over

Recording voice overs to correspond with your e-learning course can appear to be a daunting task. From setting up the audio software, to prepping the equipment, to editing the sound clips, there can be a lot of steps that go into getting the perfect voice over. To make things a bit easier, we’ve put together a quintessential list of tips that are sure to make your next recording session a breeze.

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Tips for Creating Quality Content

While great design and slick animations can add a lot to a user’s experience with a learning course, content will always reign supreme. Even the most well-designed courses will fall flat if the content doesn’t deliver the key learning points in a way that’s easy for the user to understand. Keeping this focus on high-quality content in mind, here are a few tips that will greatly increase your course’s success: Read more

Top 10 E-Learning Statistics for 2013

E-learning has been a hot topic over the past several years, with what seems like exponential growth on an annual basis. With 2013 already almost a week behind us, we wanted to take a moment to have a retrospective look at the e-learning industry over the past year. Here are the top 10 e-learning statistics from 2013, taken from the eLearning – Online Training Software blog: Read more

Articulate Replay Free for Storyline Users

As you’ve probably noticed, we’re big advocates of Articulate’s line of rapid e-learning authoring tools. Needless to say, we were pretty pumped when we got wind that they were giving away their newest program, Articulate Replay, to Storyline users for FREE. We’ve gotten to play around with the new program a bit and we’ve discovered that it’s a great and simple way to create training videos. Read more

Presentations – How to Break the Monotony

I’m sure we’ve all sat through our fair share of presentations (for some of us, maybe an unfair share), which are infamous for being a set of show-and-tell PowerPoint slides presented by someone reading the bullet points aloud. While these kinds of presentations can be executed in an interesting and engaging way, more often than not they miss out on the true potential of the content by being too monotonous to get their point across. If the content is a bit bland, the speaker isn’t particularly passionate, Read more

Job Aids – Learning on Demand

First, let me say that we love e-learning courses. They can be extremely effective and convenient for learners and trainers alike, but sometimes a full-fledged e-learning course isn’t a viable method of teaching something. Sometimes your learners need the info right then-and-there; they need training at their fingertips. This is when it’s ideal to implement the use of job aids. Read more

Is the New Articulate Studio ’13 Worth It?

A few days ago e-learning heavy hitter Articulate released their newest installment in their line of rapid authoring tools, Articulate Studio ’13. Naturally, this is exciting news for those of us who have been using Studio ’09, and for e-learning geeks in general, but is the excitement worth it? Read more

Sometimes Two is Better Than One: Blended Learning

While both traditional classroom-based learning and more modern online-only e-learning have proven to be effective in their own right over the years, they both tend to suffer from their own respective shortcomings. Classroom learning has a reputation for being slow, inconvenient, and cost-inefficient, whereas e-learning has a reputation for being impersonal, ‘one-size-fits-all’, and not as engaging. Read more

Make M-Learning a Breeze with the Articulate Mobile Player App for iPad

As we’ve touched on in past articles, the m-learning movement continues to gain snowball-like momentum, so it makes sense that companies are starting to update their software to specifically tailor to the mobile audience. With this rising demand in mind, Articulate has created an app called ‘Articulate Mobile Player’, made specifically to view courses created with the Articulate Storyline authoring software, on an iPad. Read more

Outside the Box

We’re More Than Just Training Course Creators

While a lot of what we do here in Quality and Education Services involves creating more conventional training courses, that’s not all we do. We love thinking outside the box to accomplish learning goals by utilizing innovative ideas and various mediums. Some examples of this include creating simulations, job aids, designing print materials, or even creating engaging videos. Sometimes these less conventional means of training are more effective based on the goals of the client, and we’re able to tell what solution will work best in each situation. Read more