Towing Manual

Towing and Service Manual

The AAA Towing manual contains more than 900 pages of information to improve efficiency and reduce damage concerns; including towing and road service procedures as well as towing limits, specific hook-up procedures, and jump-start information, and road service precautions.

Curb and axle weight information for domestic autos, import autos, and light trucks is included to help get the right equipment dispatched the first time.

Complete information for specific models, loading, jump-starting, and road service precautions are included on the procedure page. A dedicated alternative fuel vehicle section provides specific service information regarding Electric, Hybrid and other mass produced alternative fuel vehicles.

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Contact your local AAA or CAA club about the availability of these manuals, or for more information contact Technical Training and Research at (407) 444-7169 8:30 am – 5:00 pm ET or via email

Manuals are available for purchase to the public from AAA Preferred Supplier AW Direct.

Manuals are offered to clubs during the open pooled order process in the fall.

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