AAA/CAA Towing and Service Manual

The AAA/CAA Towing & Service Manual is over 900 pages of information that improves efficiency and reduces damage concerns. This acknowledged and respected publication in the towing industry is a user-friendly manual containing a specific hybrid and electric vehicle section, tow limits, specific hookup points, illustrated tie-down locations, jump-starting procedures and other critical information needed to provide quality damage-free road service.

AAA/CAA Lockout Service Manual

The AAA/CAA Lockout Service Manual contains step-by-step entry procedures covering domestic and imports from 1990 to present. Every procedure in the manual has been researched for accuracy by the AAA Technical Training and Research staff to ensure quality damage-free services can be delivered. Furthermore, this manual also provides recommendations on those vehicles that are TOW ONLY because and entry method is not available or the risk is too great and damage is likely to occur.

Contact your local AAA or CAA club about the availability of these manuals, or for more information, contact Technical Training and Research at 407-444-8155 or via email

Manuals are offered to clubs during the pooled order process in the fall.

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