Training Programs

Instructor Led Training at Club Location

Roadside Problem Solving Technician (RPST)
This intense course prepares students to meet the challenges of getting the member “On-the-Go” at the roadside. Students will learn automotive system operation, diagnostic procedures and quick tips to problem solving, allowing the vehicle to be safely driven to a repair facility for further diagnostics and repair. Students will receive an RPST Participant Guide, Quick Reference Guide and supplements like: Diesel Fuel Service, Anti-theft System resets and how to use a Digital Volt-Ohms Meter. RPST trained technicians help increase club “Go Rates” while also lowering club expenses of costly tows.

Light-Duty Towing and Recovery (LDTR)
Using a combination of classroom and hands-on activities, this challenging but rewarding course is designed to provide quality training to tow operators of all skill levels and experience. This course serves as a quality foundation for new and less-experienced tow technicians as well as a solid refresher for experienced technicians; while also benefiting club fleet and ERS staff that need to know the fundamentals of towing and recovery operations. Each student will receive an LDTR Participant Guide and the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities.

Vehicle Entry “Lockout Service”
The Vehicle Entry course teaches technicians the theory and methods of performing damage-free lockout service. Students will experience a combination of classroom and hands-on activities that make this course a very interactive and beneficial training program. The vehicle entry techniques trained include basic procedures and advanced entry techniques with a variety of tools found in most lockout kits.

Custom Courses
In addition to the courses listed above, Technical Training and Research also offers the flexibility to help clubs in other areas. Based on needs identified by the club staff or our through a comprehensive evaluation, our team will create a custom course that is structured to address those needs. These tailored courses are a great way to help clubs in their pursuit for continued growth and success.

Following the RPST and LDTR instruction program, participants will be given an assessment. Those who successfully demonstrate an understanding of the course information through their hands-on exercises and the assessment will be awarded a AAA certificate and uniform path in recognition of their certification.

Train-the-Trainer Programs for Club Trainers

Roadside Problem Solving Technician (RPST)
This course is packed full of valuable information that prepares potential trainers to meet the challenges of presenting this course to technicians. It is designed to allow the trainers to see the course presented with them in the roll of students, gaining the hands-on experience necessary to develop an understanding of how the course design leads to exemplary technicians.

NOTE: This course is delivered annually at the National Office. Contact the Technical Training and Research staff for further details at

Light Duty Towing and Recovery (LDTR)
This intense course is full of valuable information that prepares potential trainers to meet the unique challenges of presenting this course to technicians. It is designed to similar to the RPST Train-the-Trainer with even more focus on safety and vigilance. The best candidate to take this course is a person that has approximately 3 years of towing experience coupled with automotive knowledge.

Vehicle Entry “Lockout Service”
This course is designed to certify club trainers to teach the art of damage-free vehicle entry techniques to AAA service providers. It includes training principles and techniques, in-depth instruction in all vehicle entry strategies, hands-on practice on current model vehicles with a teach-back session.

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