AAA Institute LMS – Shared Learning Platform

The AAA Institute Shared Learning Platform is a Learning Management System used to deliver and track online and instructor-led learning.

With the platform you can create custom training programs, allow staff to enroll in both online and instructor-led courses, develop and launch assessments, keep detailed records of participant progress and test scores, share courseware with other clubs and much more.

The AAA Institute is available to all AAA/CAA clubs and affiliates and is accessed via the Internet so there is no need to purchase and maintain costly server hardware.

Courses and Content

In addition to being able to deliver your own custom training programs, the following programs were developed by AAA Quality and Education Services and are included in your AAA Institute subscription:


  • RPST Training for Call Counselors
  • RPST: Component Identification + Location
  • RPST: Personal Protection Equipment
  • AAA/CAA Member Care
  • D3 Overview of Call Receiving
  • Service Provider Portal Dispatch Overview
  • In-Truck Ultra Training
  • How to Change a Flat Tire
  • AAA Member Rewards VISA Credit Card Training
  • AAA/CAA Vehicle Entry Training

Why E-Learning?

There are many benefits to online learning but some of the most impactful are the cost savings. These are some ways you can save by utilizing an online learning environment.

Reduced travel cost

  • Transitioning repetitive training to an online format would eliminate the need to travel to teach a course. You can develop the course and distribute it to everyone at your club.
  • If you must hold a classroom session, there are tools like the ElementK Virtual Classroom that allow you to hold a class remotely using webcams.

Re-use of courses

  • Instead of teaching the same course material over and over, you can develop the online course once and use it as many times as necessary.

Participants can take courses on their own time

  • There’s no longer the need to teach large groups of people at the same time. With online learning, the participants have control over their own learning. Courses can be taken in small chunks at any time of the day.

Get Started

E-learning is a powerful tool that’s sure to take your club’s efficiency to the next level. If you have questions, or want to jump right in with a demo of AAA Institute for your club, just drop us an email.