Make M-Learning a Breeze with the Articulate Mobile Player App for iPad

As we’ve touched on in past articles, the m-learning movement continues to gain snowball-like momentum, so it makes sense that companies are starting to update their software to specifically tailor to the mobile audience. With this rising demand in mind, Articulate has created an app called ‘Articulate Mobile Player’, made specifically to view courses created with the Articulate Storyline authoring software, on an iPad.

Now you may be asking, “Can’t I already access my m-learning courses on my iPad via HTML5?”, and you would be right. Although, HTML5 can still run into some hiccups from time to time, and web browser compatibility (or more importantly, incompatibilities) can play a big role when viewing courses on a tablet. A lot of the time certain browsers won’t pick up audio, won’t render photos, or will lose certain functionality, which is likely to turn into a lengthy troubleshooting process for the course creator. That’s why the Articulate Mobile Player app is so handy.

The app gives users a native application specifically for their m-learning, allowing them to ‘favorite’ courses, organize their courses into libraries, and even download courses for offline viewing. Given that the app was made with this one purpose in mind, it also ensures that the courses are presented correctly by eliminating many of the technical difficulties mobile browsers can encounter while trying to render HTML5 files.

So, the next time you’re exporting an Articulate project for mobile, be sure to click the ‘Use Articulate Mobile Player on iPad’ checkbox, and alert your learners to the benefits of downloading and using the app. It’s free after all!


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