Outside the Box

We’re More Than Just Training Course Creators

While a lot of what we do here in Quality and Education Services involves creating more conventional training courses, that’s not all we do. We love thinking outside the box to accomplish learning goals by utilizing innovative ideas and various mediums. Some examples of this include creating simulations, job aids, designing print materials, or even creating engaging videos. Sometimes these less conventional means of training are more effective based on the goals of the client, and we’re able to tell what solution will work best in each situation.

One example of this is a recent video we created for Financial Services here at AAA National that gives members of the sales teams at AAA/CAA clubs tips for selling the AAA Member Rewards VISA Credit Card to members. The video involves the top salespeople from several clubs answering common questions about ideal sales strategies, how to deal with opposition, and tips for interacting with members. In this particular case, we felt a video containing real-life responses from successful salespeople would be more effective than a conventional training course because it adds an element of relate-ability to the learning experience and makes the content that much more convincing.

Feel free to watch the video below and get thinking about how we can help you break your training out of the box!

AAA Member Rewards VISA Credit Card – Sales Tips From Top Performers

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