Won’t You Be Our SME?

You might be asking yourself, “what is an SME?”, “what’s in it for me?”, or even “why did I read the post title in the voice of Mr. Rogers?”. All valid questions.

Firstly, SME stands for Subject Matter Expert. In short, an SME is someone who is quite knowledgeable about a particular topic who works with a training expert to create content based on their training needs. The training expert takes the raw info provided by the SME and formulates it into an effective training course utilizing training best-practices, memorable scenarios, and various types of media.

SMEs and training experts are essential to the success of each learning course because without the SME, the training expert’s subject knowledge would limit the course’s cohesiveness, and without the training expert the SME wouldn’t be able to communicate the material as effectively in a learning environment. The use of SMEs allows us to create effective training for nearly any topic such as automotive, travel, HR, call center, on-boarding, and the list goes on.

So what’s in it for you? Well, as our SME you’re able to provide us with the specific content that your learners need to know, and we’re able to take it from there to produce effective, AAA-specific training materials that are custom-made just for you. This means your learners are learning faster, remembering more, and applying what they’ve learned more successfully in the workplace. This means a high ROI for you, and your learners will thank you for not making them sit through another boring Power Point or read through a never-ending PDF.

As for the last question.. Well, that’s on you.


Ready to be our SME? Let’s start creating a custom course to fulfill your training needs.