How UX Leads to Higher Retention

How important is UX when it comes to training courses? It turns out the significance of good UX cannot be understated when considering the fact that the average company loses 1 in 6 hires within the first six months of employment.

When prompted, 23% of those new hires who left stated the lack of “clear guidelines to what my responsibilities were” were a factor in their decision to leave. Furthermore, 21% of those who left stated they wished they had “more effective training.” These statistics, listed in the article Onboarding Key to Retaining, Engaging Talent by Roy Maurer, highlight how poor UX in training programs can very well make the difference between a new hire feeling confident and comfortable in their new job, or feeling lost and leaving. The application of good UX principles can decrease the loss of new hires for the company.

The application of good UX principles can decrease the loss of new hires for the company, as is seen in Why eLearning Is The Perfect Tool For Onboarding New Staff, an article by Chloe Anthony-pillai which points out that employees who receive a structured orientation process are 69% more likely to continue working for the company for 3 years. A well-designed eLearning course is a key component of a structured orientation process. It will allow new hires to learn at their own pace without being confronted with pages of overwhelming corporate text. Instead, they provide an interactive learning environment where the user can engage with rich forms of content such as video, images, audio, quizzes, and much more. The new hire is given the opportunity to feel in-control and empowered right off the bat, improving morale and drastically increasing the likelihood that they will remain an invaluable asset to the company for years to come.