Updated E-Learning Program: AAA Member Care

An updated version of the AAA Member Care e-learning program is now available to all clubs using the AAA Institute Learning Management System. This large update features all new content including new video scenarios, engaging interactions, and an intuitive course design.

The new program consists of 6 e-learning modules, covering a wide variety of Member Care topics. After completing the program, learners will be able to:

  • Make a good first impression at the roadside
  • Communicate effectively
  • Utilize empathy to identify and manage member behaviors and emotions
  • Diffuse member anger
  • Leave a positive lasting impression

It’s been a number of years since the launch of the original Member Care course, so this is a great opportunity to re-enroll your service providers in this updated course, or enroll new users who have yet to take the program.

Clubs currently using the AAA Institute LMS already have access to the updated AAA Member Care program via the “000-AAA National Office Library – Club” catalog. Please contact your local club LMS admin in order to set up access.