Challenging Yourself to Be a Better Course Developer

It’s easy to fall into the lull of routine, creating multiple courses that deliver different information in the same way. It makes sense, you created a course that worked well once, so why wouldn’t the same formula continue to be effective, right? Unfortunately, falling into this trap of monotony is dangerous to both your own professional growth as well as that of your learners.

When you create courses that are very similar to those you have created in the past, you aren’t growing as a trainer, you’re simply knocking out one project to move on to the next. It’s important to challenge yourself each time you create a new course to do something you haven’t tried before in order to improve your own skills, as well as enhance the course itself. It’s also important to switch up the formula in order to keep the learner engaged. If a learner takes multiple courses that you’ve designed on different topics and they all have the same layout, the same interactions, and the same progression, they’re bound to start finding the courses monotonous and predictable.

So, how do you actually go about innovating your course interactions and diversifying your training skills? By challenging yourself to do new things. There are a variety of ways to do this such as following tutorials, reading relevant blog posts, or even just getting into your e-learning authoring tool of choice and playing around. One excellent resource is a regularly updated series of e-learning design challenges from one of Articulate’s bloggers, David Anderson. The challenges are posted once a week in his blog and range in topics from creating tabbed interactions in Storyline to recording e-learning podcasts. With such a large diversity in the topics covered, you’re bound to find something that will teach you some new techniques.

So what’re you waiting for? Click here to check out David’s weekly e-learning challenges and start growing as an e-learning expert.

Looking for more e-learning resources? We’d be happy to send some your way, just let us know!