Presentations – How to Break the Monotony

I’m sure we’ve all sat through our fair share of presentations (for some of us, maybe an unfair share), which are infamous for being a set of show-and-tell PowerPoint slides presented by someone reading the bullet points aloud. While these kinds of presentations can be executed in an interesting and engaging way, more often than not they miss out on the true potential of the content by being too monotonous to get their point across. If the content is a bit bland, the speaker isn’t particularly passionate, or the slides aren’t slickly designed, many people quickly tune out and take a mental vacation to their happy place, only to snap out of it just in time for a forced golf-clap upon the completion of the presentation.

You obviously believe that your content is pretty important if you’re taking the time to present it to a group of people, so how do you set yourself apart from the other umpteen presentations your audience has sat through in their lifetime? You have to break the monotony. You have to close PowerPoint, you have to engage the audience, and you have to make them relate by tapping into their emotions. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.

One way to break this presentation monotony we recently utilized ourselves is through the use of video. We were tasked with creating a presentation for a leadership summit regarding executive presence (basically, the ‘it factor’ that great leaders possess), but we didn’t want people to tune out by presenting them with yet another set of PowerPoint slides. That’s when we decided to put together a video that would grab the audience’s attention, educate them, engage their emotions, and leave a lasting impression.



To do this we kept the content short and sweet, broken up into easily digestible tidbits that hit home with our audience. We also utilized powerful quotes from respected leaders throughout the video (because who has more executive presence than Steve Jobs and Muhammad Ali?). And finally we told a story that everyone can relate to, working through adversity to achieve their dreams, represented metaphorically by a man running up a hill throughout the video.

We feel that all of these aspects came together to create a presentation that not only captivated the audience’s attention by breaking the monotony, but also to provided them with information that they will actually remember and utilize.

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