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Outside the Box

We’re More Than Just Training Course Creators

While a lot of what we do here in Quality and Education Services involves creating more conventional training courses, that’s not all we do. We love thinking outside the box to accomplish learning goals by utilizing innovative ideas and various mediums. Some examples of this include creating simulations, job aids, designing print materials, or even creating engaging videos. Sometimes these less conventional means of training are more effective based on the goals of the client, and we’re able to tell what solution will work best in each situation.

One example of this is a recent video we created for Financial Services here at AAA National that gives members of the sales teams at AAA/CAA clubs tips for selling the AAA Member Rewards VISA Credit Card to members. The video involves the top salespeople from several clubs answering common questions about ideal sales strategies, how to deal with opposition, and tips for interacting with members. In this particular case, we felt a video containing real-life responses from successful salespeople would be more effective than a conventional training course because it adds an element of relate-ability to the learning experience and makes the content that much more convincing.

Feel free to watch the video below and get thinking about how we can help you break your training out of the box!

AAA Member Rewards VISA Credit Card – Sales Tips From Top Performers

Ready to innovate your training? Get in touch and let’s get to it!

Intro to Mobile Charging Course

Take a Test Drive of Our ‘Intro to Mobile Charging’ Course

We’re proud of the info we have about our services on the site, but sometimes it’s better to just let the courses speak for themselves. With this ‘show rather than tell’ method in mind, we’ve made one of our course modules, ‘Introduction to AAA/CAA Mobile Charging’, available for your viewing pleasure. The purpose of the course is let users step into the shoes of a Roadside Problem Solving Technician to learn how they assist members who drive electric vehicles.

We developed the module using the rapid e-learning authoring tool, Articulate Storyline, and designed the course for use on mobile devices, specifically tablets, but the course works on all platforms. So, what are you waiting for? Just contact us for a demo, and we’ll send you a link to view the course online.

Ready to see the course in action? Just drop us a line and we’ll send you a link.

Won’t You Be Our SME?

You might be asking yourself, “what is an SME?”, “what’s in it for me?”, or even “why did I read the post title in the voice of Mr. Rogers?”. All valid questions.

Firstly, SME stands for Subject Matter Expert. In short, an SME is someone who is quite knowledgeable about a particular topic who works with a training expert to create content based on their training needs. The training expert takes the raw info provided by the SME and formulates it into an effective training course utilizing training best-practices, memorable scenarios, and various types of media.

SMEs and training experts are essential to the success of each learning course because without the SME, the training expert’s subject knowledge would limit the course’s cohesiveness, and without the training expert the SME wouldn’t be able to communicate the material as effectively in a learning environment. The use of SMEs allows us to create effective training for nearly any topic such as automotive, travel, HR, call center, on-boarding, and the list goes on.

So what’s in it for you? Well, as our SME you’re able to provide us with the specific content that your learners need to know, and we’re able to take it from there to produce effective, AAA-specific training materials that are custom-made just for you. This means your learners are learning faster, remembering more, and applying what they’ve learned more successfully in the workplace. This means a high ROI for you, and your learners will thank you for not making them sit through another boring Power Point or read through a never-ending PDF.

As for the last question.. Well, that’s on you.


Ready to be our SME? Let’s start creating a custom course to fulfill your training needs.